Dublín, Irlanda

Ciudad de la Literatura de la UNESCO

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Dublin was nominated UNESCO City of Literature on 20th of July, 2010 becoming the fourth member in the domain of literature.

Dublin is acknowledged for having a rich literary heritage, being home of world-recognized writers and at the same time a city where literature still plays an important role in society and people’s life. It boasts four Nobel Laureates - playwright George Bernard Shaw, poets W.B. Yeats and Seamus Heaney, and the multi-faceted Samuel Beckett. Many fine libraries and literary institutions can be found in the city, all supported by a strong publishing and bookselling industry.

The lively literary environment in the city is nurtured by a range of high quality education and promotion programmes with the support of public and private sectors. Besides, the multi-cultural aspect of Dublin’s cultural scene is a great opportunity to foster intercultural dialogue through literature.

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