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Jiménez, Lucina (Mexico)

Lucina Jiménez has a PhD in Anthropological Sciences and Culture. She is the General Director and founder of International Consortium for Arts in the School (ConArte), as well as the President and founder of the Observatory of Communications, Culture and the Arts (OCCA/TerceraVia) in Mexico. For more than 25 years, she has been director of different public institutions, programmes and NGOs specializing on cultural policies, audience development and arts education in schools and vulnerable communities. As an international consultant she has designed and implemented different programmes such as Formart, a programme for the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development, oriented to support projects on culture and education in Africa and Latin America.

Ms Jiménez has also been a consultant for several international and multilateral organizations such as OEI, OEA, Convenio Andres Bello, and UNESCO (Mexico and Paris). She has lectured and consulted widely to the Ministries of Education and Culture or local organizations of Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Spain. She is part of the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policies and International Cooperation at the University of Girona, Spain, a member of the Advisory Committee of the Laboratory of Research on Culture and Development of the Simon Bolivar Technological University in Colombia, and author of the books Cultural Democracy; Theater and audiences; The dark side of the room and Cultural Policies in Transition.

Technical assistance mission undertaken

► Honduras: Developing business models for the cultural industries
Lucina participated in the development of an operational strategy that will bring private and public actors together to support the development of the country's cultural industries, with a particular attention given to funding models for initiatives and enterprises operating in the cultural industry, creative economy and cultural tourism sectors.

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