Cuarta reunión ordinaria del Comité Intergubernamental

(París, 29 de Noviembre - 3 de Diciembre de 2010)

Resultados destacados de la reunión:

  • Revisión del proyecto de orientaciones prácticas sobre el intercambio, análisis y difusión de información; educación y sensibilización del público
  • FIDC: decisión sobre las primeras solicitudes de proyectos presentadas, revisión de la estrategia de recaudación de fondos
  • Debate sobre la creación del emblema y el nombramiento de personalidad/es pública/s

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Opening Ceremony

At the opening ceremony of the fourth meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee (IGC) and at the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, Ms Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO invited some of the founding fathers and mothers to share their reflections on some of the milestones achieved to date.

Distinguished guests have been:

  • Mr Gilbert Laurin, Chairperson of the first and second IGC (2007-2008) and of the second Conference of Parties (2009). Mr. Laurin is former Ambassador of Canada to UNESCO
  • Ms Vera Lacoeuilhe, Chairperson of the second extraordinary IGC and the third IGC (2009). Ms Lacoeuilhe is Minister Counsellor, Deputy Permanent Delegate of St.Lucia to UNESCO
  • Ms Nina Obuljen, Chairperson of the fourth IGC (2010). Ms. Obuljen is Croatian Secretary of State for Culture

Webcast of the ceremony: EN | FR | Without interpretation

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Detailed Draft Summary Record

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Working documents

  • Adoption of the Agenda
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/1 – English | French
  • Adoption of the detailed summary record of the third ordinary session of the Committee
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/3 – English | French
  • Progress of ratifications of the Convention, steps taken and actions carried out in 2009-2010
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/4 – English | French
  • Feasibility study and cost analysis for the creation of an emblem for the Convention
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/5 – English | French
  • Pertinence and feasibility of appointing public persons to promote the Convention
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/6 – English | French
  • Draft operational guidelines on information sharing and transparency (Article 9 of the Convention)
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/7 – English | French
  • Draft operational guidelines on the exchange, analysis and dissemination of information (Article 19 of the Convention)
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/8 – English | French
  • Draft operational guidelines on education and public awareness (Article 10 of the Convention)
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/9– English | French
  • Implementation of the International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD)
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/10A – English | French
  • International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) fundraising strategy
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/10B – English | French
  • Documents to be approved by the third session of the Conference of Parties
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/11 – English | French
  • Report of the Committee on its activities and decisions to the Conference of Parties
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/12 – English | French
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/12 REV – English | French
  • Implementation and follow-up of the Convention by the Committee: current state
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/13 – English | French
  • Date of the next session of the Committee
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/14 – English | French
  • Election of the members of the Bureau of the fifth ordinary session of the Committee
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/15 – English | French
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Information Documents

  • Provisional timetable
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/INF1 – English | French
  • Provisional list of participants
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/INF2 – English & French
  • Draft Framework for Periodic Reports on Measures to Protect and Promote the Diversity of Cultural Expressions
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/INF3 – English | French
  • Strategy of Ratification : Summary of responses from Parties and civil society organizations
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/INF4 – English | French
  • Collecting Information, Data and Best Practices: Existing Mechanisms and Tools
    CE/10/4.IGC/205/INF5 – English | French
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Information Session

Information session “Cultural Expressions: Innovative Approaches and Data Collection Tools”, 29 November 2010, UNESCO Headquarters, in Paris. More info

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