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D’Almeida, Francisco (Togo)

Mr D’Almeida has been, since 1986, the Delegate General of the Culture and Development association, which promotes the inclusion of culture in development policies. In this capacity he advises governments and local authorities in Francophone Africa in terms of cultural policy, notably regarding the support of cultural industries. Mr D’Almeida has also been a consultant for international organizations such as UNESCO, IFO, the European Commission and the French Foreign Ministry, for national organizations such as the ministries of culture of Burkina Faso and France, and for local authorities in West Africa.

As well as his actions related to cultural project development, he carries out training activities in the framework of his association in the Cultural Policy Observatory in Grenoble, France, and the Senghor University for African development in Alexandria, Egypt. His professional experience and his expertise range from the design of cultural profiles and structuring cultural sectors such as the music or book industries, to cross-cutting strategies for cultural development, territorial cultural decentralization and planning, international cultural cooperation and mainstreaming the culture and development theme.

Technical assistance missions undertaken

► Democratic Republic of the Congo: harnessing the cultural industries' potential for development
Francisco assisted the country in setting up a comprehensive legal and regulatory policy framework focused on the development of the country's cultural industries.

► Niger: the cultural turn to development and poverty reduction
Francisco helped develop an adapted training programme in cultural-industry support, management and development, as well as train national ministerial employees and trainers from local offices.

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