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El Husseiny, Basma (Egypt)

Ms El Husseiny is the managing director of Culture Resource. Through this organization, she has been coordinating a cultural policies review of 8 Arab territories (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria) and is establishing national cultural policy working groups.

Ms El Husseiny has extensive experience in the elaboration and implementation of cultural policies, financing of the culture sector and of cultural enterprises, and managing international cooperation projects in the field of culture. She has notably worked with the EU, the Ford Foundation and the British Council. She has a rich experience in the Arab region, as well as a good knowledge of other regions such as sub-Saharan Africa, India and Europe.

Technical assistance mission undertaken

► Malawi: Cultural policy implementation towards a vibrant culture sector
Basma participated in the development of an implementation plan for the country's Cultural Policy and of related policy strategies for the cultural industries, with a strong emphasis on capacity building of both governmental workers and cultural operators.

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