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Fall, Youma (Senegal)

Dr Fall is an adviser in cultural development strategies and international cultural policies, a professor and researcher, an art critic and exhibition curator. She has extensive experience in the management of cultural enterprises in Senegal (especially through the PADEC, Projet d'Appui au Développement Culturel du Sénégal (Support project for cultural development in Senegal) funded by French cooperation and within the framework of FOMECC, a cultural development project funded by the Spanish Agency for development), as well as in the conception, implementation and follow-up of cultural projects such as the Dakar Biennial Arts Festival.

Dr Fall’s eighteen years of experience at the Ministry of Culture of Senegal and twelve years at the international level have allowed her to acquire an important professional experience not only in Senegal, but also in Lebanon, Guadeloupe and France.

Technical assistance mission undertaken

► Haiti: a cultural industry policy for cultural reconstruction
Youma participated in the development of a national policy for the country's cultural industries, as well as that of a dedicated action plan and road map that will set the future orientation for legal and institutional frameworks.

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