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O’Connor, Justin (UK)

Mr. O’Connor is Professor in the Creative Industries Faculty, University of Queensland, Australia, and visiting chair at Shanghai Jiaotong University. Since 1989, Mr. O’Connor has been involved in policies on culture-led urban regeneration, cultural and creative quarters, night-time economies and the development of cultural industries, as well as in development projects advising local and regional governments in the UK and Europe.

He has significant experience in developing creative industry strategies in Russia (St. Petersburg), and has advised on such strategies in Korea and Taiwan. He is currently working on a three year project investigating creative clusters in China and Australia, and establishing a Cultural Industries research Centre at Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Technical assistance mission undertaken

► Mauritius: A strategy to strengthen the cultural industry sector
Justin contributed to defining a clear approach for the development of the country's cultural industries, notably through an action analysing the current situation of these industries and making relevant recommendations to enhance their development.

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