17.04.2012 - Culture Sector

Hangzhóu designada como Ciudad Creativa de la UNESCO del Artesanía y arte popular

Wangxingji fan production technique, originated since 1875.

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The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, designated Hangzhou (People’s Republic of China) as "City of Crafts and Folk Art" on 10 April 2012, as part of the Organization’s Creative Cities Network.

Also known as the cradle of handicrafts in China, the city of Hangzhou boasts a longstanding history and rich tradition of crafts and folk art, with eight recognized Chinese National Intangible Cultural Heritage items accorded to the city.


Not only does the city nurture the traditional crafts techniques, furthermore it makes outstanding endeavours to establish the relevance of these traditional products and skills to present times and to the economy.

Hangzhou has long demonstrated its commitment to place crafts at the core of local strategy in terms of policy and funding to develop a conducive environment for the creative industry. The city continues to improve its creative industries with public participation and public-private partnership systems with the strong support and concerted efforts from research and training centers as well as industry associations. 

With Hangzhou, the Creative Cities Network now has 31 members. As the fifth City of Crafts and Folk Arts, the city joins Santa Fe, Aswan, Kanazawa and Icheon in enriching the Network with its contemporary crafts practices.




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