Curso de capacitación y actividades de sensibilización sobre la lucha contra el tráfico ilícito de bienes culturales

Muscat, Oman, 3-5 de febrero de 2013

(Versión española en preparación)

This meeting aims at building national capacities with the following objectives:

  • effective implementation of the 1970 Convention and other relevant instruments on the fight against illicit traffic and the restitution of cultural objects,
  • effective use of legal and operational tools to safeguard and preserve cultural heritage,
  • development of national capacities for the protection and conservation of movable cultural property, and
  • sensitization on the need of fighting against the illicit trafficking of cultural property.

The meeting, conducted by a pool of experts and professionals, is structured around six modules, as follows:

  • relevant international legal framework for the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural heritage;
  • relevant national legislation;
  • international and regional cooperation;
  • the role of police, customs and cultural heritage protection services;
  • training on the use of operational tools; and
  • tools for raising awareness on the importance of the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural objects.

This meeting is jointly organized by the Direction General of Archaeology and Museums, UNESCO Office in Doha and UNESCO Headquarters.

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