Taller de capacitación para la Policía libia sobre la prevención y la lucha contra el tráfico ilícito de bienes culturales

Archaeological Site of Cyrene © UNESCO/G. Boccardi

Shahat, Libia, 17-26 de noviembre de 2013

[Versión española en preparación]

The workshop is held within a broader capacity-building programme funded by the Government of Italy, UNESCO and the Department of Antiquities of Libya.

It constitutes a follow-up to the Introductory workshop on prevention and fight against illicit trafficking of cultural property organized in Tripoli in April 2013 and the training session held at the Sabratha World Heritage Site in September 2013.

The participants will be provided with a preliminary training kit collecting the lectures presented in the Sabratha workshop, with the aim to test it and refine it for future use in additional training sessions. 

This further training is aimed at a selected number of staff from different bodies of various public institutions (such as customs and police departments) from the Cyrenaic region, with a view to enforcing an efficient protection system in the country and building-up Libyan police in the fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property in Libya.

The workshop will be guided by 3 to 4 tutors: two professors from Benghazi, one police and one customs officer. 

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