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This component is designed to provide technical training through existing practical tools and prevention mechanisms that ensure a better protection of cultural property as well as to facilitate their restitution. This training is divided into different modules:

Module 1: Use of practical tools

Module 2: Role of police and custom services in the fight against the illicit traffic of cultural property

  • International routes for the illicit traffic of cultural property;
  • Transport and concealment of illicitly exported cultural property;
  • Prevention and intervention at protected archeological sites, identification of risk levels on national and regional sites, practical recommendations to improve protection measures;
  • Sampling, treatment and preservation of archeological findings;
  • Protection and prevention systems in museums and religious buildings;
  • Protection of archives and libraries;
  • Protection and safeguarding of archeological heritage in case of armed conflict;
  • Customs operations;
  • Investigation techniques which address difficulties specific to the fight against the illicit traffic of cultural property.
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