15.07.2010 -

UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on “The Right to Education in Emergency Situations.”

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The Resolution was approved unanimously by all 192 Member States, and underscores the fact that education is an essential and integral part of any sustainable post-crisis humanitarian response strategy.

In effect, the Resolution instructs Member States, UN agencies, and other partners to dedicate significant effort to ensuring that educational provision is supported and strengthened in the face of crises. 

Given its work in some 25 post-crisis settings, UNESCO applauds the Resolution, as it recognizes that conflicts and natural disasters are one of the most significant impediments to achieving Education for All.  

UNESCO advocates and contributes to a holistic approach to the early revitalization of education services and systems in many conflict- and disaster-affected countries, addressing vulnerable age groups at different levels of the formal and non-formal education system. UNESCO’s contribution further focuses on the often neglected yet critical early capacity-building for national education planners and managers, fostering a medium and longer-term perspective for quality education and safer learning environments. The Resolution serves as a powerful reminder that, in humanitarian response, education is a crucial part of recovery.

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Read the Full Resolution (PDF)

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