Recursos terrestres: la sustentación de nuestra sociedad

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Knowledge on natural resources - including minerals, hydrocarbons, geothermal energy, and water - and their management is the frontline of the struggle for more sustainable and equitable development. The environmentally responsible exploitation of these resources is a challenge for geoscience research. The progress of technological development is equally bound to this premise.

Related IGCP Projects:

510   A-type Granites and Related Rock through Time
          Project leaders: Roberto Dall’Agnol (Brazil), Carol D. Frost (USA),
          O. Tapani Rämö (Finland), L.J. Robb (South Africa)
          Duration: 2005-2009 (OET)

514   Fluvial Palaeosystems: Evolution and Mineral Deposits
          Project leaders: A. Duk-Rodkin (Canada), Baohong Hou (Australia),
          Li Ziying (China), Vladimir Dolgopolov (Kazakhstan), N. Patyk-Kara
          (Russia) passed away in 2008
          Duration: 2005-2009 (OET)

540   Gold-bearing hydrothermal fluids of orogenic deposits
          Project leaders: P.S. Garofalo (Italy), J.R. Ridley (USA),
          Vsevolod Prokof’ev (Russia)
          Duration: 2007-2011

543   Low-temperature thermochronology: applications and inter-laboratory

          Project leaders: Massimiliano Zattin (Italy), J. I. Garver (USA), Vitaliy A.
          Privalov (Ukraine), Alexei V. Soloviev (Russia), Cornelia Spiegel
          (Germany), Maarten de Wit (South Africa), Dewen Zheng (China)
          Duration: 2007-2010

557   Diamonds, xenoliths and kimberlites
         Project leaders: Holger Sommer (Botswana), Haemyoueng Young
         (South Korea), Christoph Hauzenberger (Austria) Jonathan Kashabano
         (Tanzania), Gétan Moloto-A-Kenguemba (Central African Republic)
         Duration: 2007-2011

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