Mitigación de riesgos geológicos

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Geohazards include earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides, tsunamis, floods, meteorite impacts and the health hazards of geologic materials, and can range from local events such as a rock slide or coastal erosion to events that threaten humankind such as a supervolcano or meteorite impact. Earth scientists undertake research to better understand these hazards and contribute to risk management policies related to social and technical issues associated with geohazards as well as disaster mitigation.

Related IGCP Projects:

567   Earthquake Archaeology – Archaeoseismology along the Alpine-
          Himalayan seismic zone

          Project leaders: Manuel Sintubin (Belgium), Iain Stewart
          (United Kingdom), Tina Niemi (USA), Erhan Altunel (Turkey)
          Duration: 2008-2012

571   Radon, health and natural hazards
          Project leaders: Gavin K. Gillmore (United Kingdom), Robin G. M. Crockett
          (United Kingdom), Frederic Perrier (France), Tadeusz Przylibski (Poland),
          Vivek Walia (Taiwan of China), Bikram Jit Singh Bajwa (India)
          Duration: 2009-2013

582   Tropical Rivers: Hydro-Physical Processes, Impacts, Hazards and

          Project leaders: Edgardo M. Latrubesse (Argentina), Rajiv Sinha (India),
          Jose C. Stevaux (Brazil)
          Duration: 2009-2013
          Website in preparation

585   E-MARSHAL: Earth’s continental Margins: assessing the geohazard
          from submarine Landslides

          Project leaders: Roger Urgeles (Spain), David Mosher (Canada),
          Jason Chaytor (USA), Michael Strasser (Germany)
          Duration: 2010-2014

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