Cambio mundial: el testimonio de los registros geológicos

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Changes in the Earth's climate and of life on Earth are preserved in the geologic record.  Ice and dust records, terrestrial and ocean sediments, and sequences of fossil plant and animal assemblages all tell the story of our Planet which holds important lessons about present-day environmental challenges and the ways to mitigate and manage environmental damage.  

Related IGCP Projects:

506   Marine and Non-marine Jurassic
          Project leaders: Jingeng Sha (China), Nicol Morton (France),
          W. A. P. Wimbledon (United Kingdom), Paul E. Olsen (USA),
          Alberto G. Riccardi (Argentina), Grzegorz (Gregory) Pieñkowski(Poland), 
          Yongdong Wang (China) 
          Duration: 2005-2009 (OET)

507   Paleoclimates of the Cretaceous in Asia 
          Project leaders: Yong Il Lee (Korea), Xiaoqiao Wan (China),
          Takashi Sakai (Japan), Krishnan Ayyasami (India)
          Duration: 2006-2010 

512   Neoproterozoic Ice Ages
          Project leaders: Graham A. Shields (Australia),
          Emmanuelle Arnaud (Canada) 
          Duration: 2005-2009 (OET)

521   Black Sea Mediterranean Corridor during the last 30 ky: 
          Sea level change and human adaptation
          Project leaders: Valentina Yanko-Hombach (Canada),
          Yucel Yilmaz (Turkey), Pavel Dolukhanov (United Kingdom)
          Duration: 2005-2009 (OET)
          Website 1 Website 2 ; Website 3 ; Website 4Website 5

555   Rapid Environmental/Climate Change in the Cretaceous
          Greenhouse World

          Project leaders: Chengshan Wang (China), Robert Scott (USA),
          Hugh Jenkyns (United Kingdom), Michael Wagreich (Austria),
          William Hay (USA), Zakharov Y.D. (Russia)
          Duration: 2007-2010

572   Permian-Triassic ecosystems
          Project leaders: Zhong Qiang Chen (Australia), Richard J. Twitchett
          (United Kingdom), Jinnan Tong (China), Margret L. Fraiser (USA), Sylvie
          Crasquin (France), Steve Kershaw (United Kingdom), Thomas J. Algeo
          (USA), Kliti Grice (Australia)
          Duration: 2008-2012

575   Pennsylvanian terrestrial habitats and biotas of southeastern

          Project leaders: Christopher J. Cleal (United Kingdom), Stanislav Opluštil
          (Czech Republic), Isabel van Waveren (The Netherlands), Mihai E. Popa
          (Romania), Barry A. Thomas (United Kingdom)
          Duration: 2010-2014
          Website in preparation

580   Application of magnetic susceptibility on Paleozoic sedimentary rocks
          Project leaders: Anne-Christine da Silva (Belgium), Michael T. Whalen
          (USA), Jindrich Hladil (Czech Republic), Daizhao Chen (China), Simo
          Spassov (Belgium), Frederic Boulvain (Belgium), Xavier Devleeschouwer
          Duration: 2009-2013
          Website in preparation

581   Evolution of Asian River Systems
          Project leaders: Hongbo Zheng (China), Liviu Giosan (USA),
          Ryuji Tada (Japan), Peter Clift (United Kingdom), Masood Ahmad (India),
          Zheng-Xiang Li (Australia), Kuo-Yen Wei (Taiwan of China)
          Duration: 2009-2013

587   Entity, Facies and Time – the Ediacaran (Vendian) Puzzle
          Project leaders: Patricia Vickers-Rich (Australia), Mikhail Fedonkin
          (Russia), Jim Gehling (Australia), Guy Narbonne (Canada)
          Duration: 2010-2014
          Website in preparation  

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