Hidrogeología, geociencias del ciclo del agua

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Life on Earth depends on water, and its sustainable use is crucial for continued human activities. Earth’s water cycle involves studying, understanding, and managing groundwater systems, hydrogeology, as well as sources, contamination and vulnerability of water systems.  

Related IGCP Projects:

513   Karst Aquifers and Water Resources
          Project leaders: Chris Groves (USA), Yuan Daoxian (China),
          Bartolome Andreo-Novarro (Spain), Heather Viles (United Kingdom)
          Duration: 2005-2009 (OET)
          Website 1 (General Information) ; Website 2Website 3 ; Website 4

519   Hydrogeology, Hydrochemistry and Management of Coastal Aquifers
          on the Atlantic Coast of South America

          Project leaders: Emilia Bocanegra (Argentina), Emilio Custodio (Spain),
          Marisol Manzano (Spain), Gerson Cardoso (Brazil), Jenny Reynolds Vargas
          (Costa Rica)
           Duration: 2005-2009 (OET)
           Website 1 ; Website 2

523    GROWNET – Global Ground Water Network
           Project leaders: Shrikant Daji Limaye (India), Antony J Reedman
           (United Kingdom)
           Duration: 2005-2009 (OET)

565   Geodetic Monitoring of the Global Water Cycle
          Project leaders: Hans-Peter Plag (USA), Richard S. Gross (USA),
          Markus Rothacher (Germany), Norman L. Miller (USA),
          Susanna Zerbini (Italy), Chris Rizos (Australia)
          Duration: 2008-2012

581   Evolution of Asian River Systems
          Project leaders: Hongbo Zheng (China), Liviu Giosan (USA),
          Ryuji Tada (Japan), Peter Clift (United Kingdom), Masood Ahmad (India),
          Zheng-Xiang Li (Australia), Kuo-Yen Wei (Taiwan of China)
          Duration: 2009-2013

582   Tropical Rivers: Hydro-Physical Processes, Impacts, Hazards and

          Project leaders: Edgardo M. Latrubesse (Argentina), Rajiv Sinha (India),
          Jose C. Stevaux (Brazil)
          Duration: 2009-2013
          Website in preparation

588   Preparing for coastal change
          Project leaders: Adam D. Switzer (Malaysia), Craig Sloss (Australia),
          Benjamin Horton (USA), Yongqiang Zong (China)
          Duration: 2010-2014
          Website in preparation


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