Regiones y estudios de caso


One of the aims of GRAPHIC is the establishment of case studies in different countries and regions of the world that incorporate the philosophy and approach of GRAPHIC – to analyze groundwater sustainability under the impacts of human activities and climate change and identifying suitable measures of adaptation. Findings from those case studies will likely provide insights and comparisons for similar countries/regions, creating a global network of groundwater projects.

In keeping with the primary objectives of the GRAPHIC Project – understanding the impacts of human activities and climatic changes on groundwater availability and sustainability – encouraging and coordinating consistent regional monitoring efforts provides a means to achieve GRAPHIC objectives while broadening the impact and applicability of the GRAPHIC programme.

Regional monitoring efforts within GRAPHIC case studies in different physiographic, climatic, and water use/management settings around the world will provide an opportunity to compare data among areas, and evaluate how controlling factors influence local water quantity and quality. A GRAPHIC program to develop and encourage application of a critical list of relatively low-cost and consistent sampling and analytical methods in all case-study areas would create a baseline and comparable dataset that would greatly enhance interregional comparisons.

Regional monitoring efforts would need to be carefully designed so that they are not cost-prohibitive, while still generating the critical data needed to accomplish primary GRAPHIC objectives. Monitoring would need to be designed around aquifers rather than political boundaries. Multiple nested studies that address both sub-regional variations and primary controlling processes enable up- and downscaling of interpretations.

At present, GRAPHIC regional expert groups have been established in the following regions:

  • GRAPHIC - Africa
  • GRAPHIC - Asia & Pacific
  • GRAPHIC - Europe
  • GRAPHIC - Latin America & Caribbean
  • GRAPHIC - North America

A publication of GRAPHIC case studies is currently being compiled and will be published in 2011. The publication presents a selection of case studies conducted within the framework of GRAPHIC, covering a wide range of subjects, scientific methods, and geographical and climatic settings. Each case study will present scientific findings and policy-relevant recommendations, making this novel publication of broad interest for the global water-resources community, including scientists, policy makers, and water managers.

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