Hydrology for the Environment, Life and Policy

HELP Information Brochure [PDF format - 1.1 MB] New!
Also in French [PDF format - 1.3 MB] and in Spanish [PDF format - 1 MB]

The design and implementation strategy of the HELP initiative
[PDF format - 240 KB]
This document provides a guide to the history of HELP, the issues it addresses, its objectives, and the strategy for implementing the initiative.

An overview of selected policy documents on water resources management that contributed to the design of HELP
[PDF format – 154 KB]
This publication summarizes various recent policy documents and international conference reports on the subject of water resources management, many of which stress the urgent need for action to address declining global water security.

Evaluation of the 2003-2004 global call for HELP proposals [PDF format – 577 KB]
The quantity and quality of proposals received in response to the Phase II HELP Global Call 2003-04 were encouraging signs of progress being made by the original Phase I Pilot basins of 2001. HELP can now demonstrate a substantial and varied network of basin programmes all over the world, with researchers that enthusiastically subscribe to the HELP philosophy.

Sharing transboundary waters - An integrated assessment of equitable entitlement: the Legal Assessment Model [PDF format – 954 KB]
The LAM demonstrates, in a concrete way, how water law and science need to interact in order to provide transboundary watercourse States with the guidance necessary to devise an effective national water policy. This approach, in line with the UNESCO IHP HELP programme, requires a more comprehensive understanding globally, with broad dissemination and uptake at the basin level.

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