Estudios de caso


During its first phase of activities, PCCP has asked experts directly or indirectly involved in the management of selected river basins to author a series of case studies.

The case studies draw lessons from both the root causes of conflicts as well as from examples of successful co-operation in shared water resources management. They provide an important summary of data related to the hydrology of the river basins in addition to substantial information on the historical management of the water resources. The legal, political and economical aspects, which make every case unique, were also analysed and assessed.

In the second phase of the programme, the Lake Titicaca case study followed a different approach. The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of both riparian countries nominated experts who were asked to co-author the case study on their respective behalf. Representatives from the civil society from both countries were also invited to contribute to the exercise. The dialogue opportunities offered by the joint writing process, as well as the review and the validation of the study, further underlined the importance to jointly manage the lake’s resources.


  • Alavaro Carmo Vas and Pieter van der Zaag, Sharing the Incomati Waters: Cooperation and Competition in the Balance, UNESCO-IHP, 2003, 102 p.
    PDF Document (2.9 MB)
  • Alan Nicol, The Nile: Moving Beyond Cooperation, UNESCO-IHP, 2003, 33 p.
    PDF Document (1.1 MB)


  • Keith W. Muckleston, International Management in the Columbia River System, UNESCO-IHP, 47 p.
    PDF Document (945 KB)
  • Raùl Artiga, The Case of the Trifinio Plan in the Upper Lempa: Opportunities and Challenges for the Shared Management of Central American Transnational Basins, UNESCO-IHP, 2003, 13 p.
    PDF Document (563 KB)
  • Isaac Martinez Gonzalez and Rolando Zuleta Roncal with the support of Anibal Pacheco Miranda and Julio Sanjines Gotilla, Co-operation on the lake Titicaca, UNESCO-IHP, 2006, 105 p.
    PDF Document (70 MB)
    PDF Document, in Spanish (37 MB)


  • Ti Le-Huu and Lien Nguyen Duc in cooperation with Apichart Anukularmphai, Do Hong Phan, Khammone Ponekeo, Pech Sokhem and Zhang Hai-Lun, Mekong Case Study, UNESCO-IHP, 2003, 56 p.
    PDF Document (1.4 MB)
  • Viktor Dukhovny and Vadim Sokolov, Lessons on Cooperation Building to Manage Water Conflicts in the Aral Sea Basin, UNESCO-IHP, 2003, 50 p.
    PDF Document (1.5 MB)


  • Ine D. Frijters and Jan Leentvaar, Rhine Case Study, UNESCO-IHP, 2003, 33 p.
    PDF Document (1.8 MB)

Middle East

  • Munther J. Haddadin and Uri Shamir, Jordan Case Study, UNESCO-IHP, 2003, 41p.
    PDF Document (1.4 MB)

Desk study

  • Eric Mostert, Conflict and Cooperation in the Management of International Freshwater Resources: A Global Review, UNESCO-IHP, 2003, 63 p.
    PDF Document (1.4 MB)
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