Un Mundo de Ciencia por thema : Aqueología

  • China’s Palaeotreasure (2012, EN, ES, FR), on China’s network of more than 300 geoparks, home to numerous dinosaur fossils and Peking Man
  • Tales Set in Stone (2012, EN, ES, FR), retracing the impact of climate change and natural disasters over the past 30 000 years on human civilizations living around the Black and Mediterranean Sea basins
  • Of Shipwrecks, Lost Worlds and Grave Robbers (2009, AR, EN, ES, FR, RU), on a new UNESCO convention to safeguard the remains of sunken cities, shipwrecks and other underwater treasures worldwide
  • Out of Africa (2009, AR, EN, ES, FR, RU), interview on new methods of dating human migration out of Africa
  • Ulugh Beg: the Scholar on the Throne (2009, AR, EN, ES, FR, RU), on the sole astronomer in history (15th century) to rule a mighty state, the capital of which, Samarkand, lies in modern-day Uzbekistan
  • Saviours from Space for Siberia’s Frozen Tombs (2006, EN, ES, FR, RU), on using remote sensing to identify buried tombs from a culture dating back 2500 years, in a race against time before melting permafrost destroys them
  • A Tale of Five Cities (2004, EN, FR), on the work of a team of archaeologists, hydrologists and urban planners to save five jewels around the Mediterranean Basin


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