02.02.2009 -

UNESCO hosts Moscow seminar on women journalists in post-conflict countries

UNESCO is co-organizing an International seminar, "Women Journalists - Experiences of Building Peace Communication in Post Conflict Countries", to be held at the Central House of Journalists, in Moscow, Russian Federation, from 2 to 3 February.

The seminar aims to collect and analyze international experiences of women journalists working in post-conflict zones and to design an international strategy of peace communication, based on cooperation between media professionals and human rights NGOs. It will also seek to create a network of women journalists covering conflict and post-conflict regions.


The keynote speaker at the event will be Gloria Steinem (USA), journalist and leader of the U.S. women's rights movement, who will discuss the role of women journalists around the world in covering conflict. Other speakers will include: artist and photo designer Umida Akhmedova from Uzbekistan, Russian journalist Victoria Ivleva from a weekly Novaya Gazeta and Khaskhuu Naranjargal from Mongolia-based NGO Globe International who will present a female perspective on the visual representations of tragedy.


Some other topics on the agenda of the seminar include: experiences of female journalists and representatives of civil and peacekeeping organizations; female journalists against the language of animosity; experience of creating world communications in post-conflict zones; perspectives of forming an international coalition of female journalists to cover building peace after conflict; and experience of international organizations in creating stable informational strategies to protect peace and responsible journalism. The participants will also discuss the work of the coalition and identify priorities for the future.


The seminar, bringing together 24 participants from 16 different countries*, is organized by the Glasnost Defense Foundation with support from the UNESCO Moscow Office and the International Federation of Journalists.




* Belgium, Croatia, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Russia, Sweden, Senegal, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan

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