CBA Editorial Guidelines 4th Edition

UNESCO supported the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association’s initiative to publish an updated version of the Editorial Guidelines, which are designed to help broadcasters identify and adopt good practices that ensure sound coverage by the media that operate freely and fairly.
Since its first edition in 2004 the publication has contributed to improving the professional skills and practices of a large number of broadcasters.

For the majority of the world’s population, particularly those belonging to disadvantaged groups, broadcasting remains the most widely accessible communication medium. It is, therefore, very important to set up and share internationally recognized professional standards thus fostering freedom of expression, “free flow of ideas by word and image”, independent and pluralistic media and universal access to information and knowledge.

Most of the chapters of the previous editions are still relevant and have been maintained in this new updated edition as they relate to everlasting issues such as basic editorial principles, accuracy, impartiality, election coverage, gender and stereotyping, disaster coverage, war reporting, etc. Furthermore, new sections covering citizen journalism and social networking sites as new tools to enhance journalism have been added.



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