CBA Editorial Guidelines

Prepared by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) with support from UNESCO, the Guidelines presented in this publication are an attempt to help broadcasters find their way through the maze and help them identify and adopt good practice that ensures free and fair coverage.

In the field of broadcasting, many organizations face more and more complex choices in their coverage. Some have adopted Guidelines to help producers and reporters deal with difficult and controversial issues. Others have not yet gone through this process. These internal codes and principles of professional conduct, which shall be elaborated and applied only by media professionals and their associations on a voluntary basis (never forced and never by “outside actors” of any kind) can be of great assistance in reaching these objectives.

It is because UNESCO realizes how difficult it is for the media in many parts of the world to operate freely and fairly that through its regular programmes of freedom of expression and development of communication, as well as the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC), it aims to address the difficulties faced and thus accelerate media development.

We urge readers of these Guidelines, in particular broadcasters and their associations, to promote voluntary and professional respect of such Guidelines and conduct and to ensure that they are respected and observed in practice.



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