Citoyens et media, Guide pratique pour un dialogue entre citoyens et media

Prof. Jamal Eddine Naji, a well-known expert in communication and media, wrote this book to describe the context of certain French-speaking countries in Africa and the Maghreb and to recommend them good practices taking into account their identities and particularities.
The book contains a number of approaches, advices and possible models, drawn from advanced experiences in other regions, that could help citizens and civil societies of African countries promote their participation in the electronic media.



  • Référence bibliographique
  • Nombre de pages: 117 p.
  • Auteur(s): Prof. Jamal Eddine NAJI, Chaire UNESCO/ORBICOM Rabat
  • Date de publication: 2006
  • Code du document: CI/COM/VG/2006/RP/3
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