Liberté de connexion, liberté d'expression: écologie dynamique des lois et règlements qui façonnent l'internet

This UNESCO-commissioned research, conducted by Professor William Dutton from Oxford Internet Institute and presented at many international occasions, successfully explores the complex situation of freedom of expression on Internet. It also provides a reference tool to inform and stimulate the current debate on the global trends that have shaped freedom of expression on the Internet.

Through a meta-analysis of Internet filtering, the study shows that there is a global raise of content filtering and regulation, which is not only done by governmental organizations for political reasons, but also by private companies and families out of commercial and moral objectives.

Furthermore, the book offers a new perspective on the social and political dynamics behind these threats to expression. It develops a conceptual framework on the “ecology of freedom of expression” for discussing the broad context of policy and practice that should be taken into consideration.

Through its pioneering exploration of the various legal and policy mechanisms that are crucial for the free flow of information, the publication has proved to be a useful guidance for policy-makers and other relevant users on the creation of environments conducive to freedom of expression.



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