Jornalistas e suas visões sobre qualidade: teoria e pesquisa no contexto dos indicadores de desenvolvimento da mídia da UNESCO

Journalists and their vision on quality: theory and research in the context of UNESCO’ Media Development Indicators is part of the Communication and Information Debates series, produced by UNESCO’s Brasilia Office. The output of a study developed in cooperation with the Brazilian National Net of Press Observatories (Renoi), this title stresses the need for quality indicators for Brazilian media companies.

The interviews conducted in the framework of the study, Indicators of Quality in Journalistic Information, demonstrate that the topic of quality is one of the main concerns of Brazilian media companies.

Twenty two managers from national and regional media groups were interviewed on indicators and editorial quality policies in their companies. They agreed that ethics are the way towards a better quality and that financial independence is a requisite for the editorial one. But there was not convergence in opinions regarding the rules and patterns to follow.

The views of journalists themselves were also taken into account by the study. Nearly 275 journalists completed the electronic form, based on UNESCO’s Media Development Indicators. The results showed that journalists who participated in the research are very much concerned with the importance of quality criteria.



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