Mídia e violência urbana no Brasil

This publication features the discussion amongst community media professionals on the role of independent media in the fight against urban violence.

The initiative of promoting dialogue between independent and community media professionals in Brazil has been an answer to UNESCO’s and Viva Rios’s strong conviction that these communication means can play a crucial role in promoting non-violent attitudes and in building culture of peace in communities with high level of violence rate.

This publication intends to stimulate dialogue between communication professionals in order to enable them to find creative means to combat urban violence. Together they can stimulate active participation of individuals in promoting non-violent attitudes, in defending human rights and in developing citizenship by tracking ways for culture of peace in communities.



  • Référence bibliographique
  • Nombre de pages: 92 p.
  • Auteur(s): Nepomuceno, Carlos; Rocha, José Carlos; Ghilhon, Orlando José Ferreira; Santos, Sebastião
  • Date de publication: 2008
  • Code du document: BR/2007/PI/H/19
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