Ten steps for establishing a sustainable multipurpose community telecentre

The concept of Multipurpose Community Telecentre (MCT) may be new and sound complicated to many communities in developing countries. While harnessing technologies for the ultimate purpose of community development is being advocated worldwide, communities may be daunted by the idea of embarking upon unfamiliar ground. Ten Steps are designed to assist these communities to face this challenge.

Ten Steps comprises ten booklets, each dealing with a specific topic relating to an aspect of MCT. The booklets are written in informal style moving from one point to another in a succinct manner through brief paragraphs – almost telegraphic at times. Despite the different topics, the ten booklets follow the same format. Each booklet begins with the same introduction and note on the authors. Bullet points and text boxes are used freely to present suggestions and highlight main points. Users will find the format quite friendly and easy to follow.

Relevant short anecdotes are given in all booklets to illustrate various points concerning the benefits of MCT, its programmes and services, its operation etc. These case studies can be used as and when needed.

Programmes and services given in the booklets are indicative of what have been offered in MCTs in various countries and could be considered for new MCTs. It is important that they are adapted to suit the local social/cultural context of the respective communities.



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