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Gender, conflict and journalism: a handbook for South Asia

This handbook was conceived during the planning for the UNESCO-Nepal Press Institute first Roundtable on The Gender Perspective in Conflict Reporting, conducted April 7-9, 2004 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Getting the Story and Telling it Right, HIV on TV: A Handbook for Television Trainers and Producers

The handbook is a reference and toolkit designed in three parts to support information and training needs by television producers and trainers. It draws examples from diverse productions including those of UNESCO’s Network of Young Television Producers on HIV and AIDS.

Global Forum Power of Peace: Building Peace through Communication and Information, Bali, Indonesia, 21-23 January 2007; final report

UNESCO in association with the Government of Indonesia hosted an International Forum ‘Power of Peace’ in Bali, from 21 to 23 January 2007. Recognized thinkers and practitioners from the public and private sectors met to develop strategies to best harness the power of the media and ICTs in a practical and effective way for the purpose of building awareness, dialogue, harmony and peace.

Guía práctica sobre software libre: su selección y aplicación local en América Latina y el Caribe

Esta guía práctica presenta definiciones de lo que es el software libre de acuerdo a la Free Software Foundation y explica los procesos de desarrollo del software como una actividad basada en la comunidad.

Guide pratique du journaliste

Reporters sans frontières a élaboré, en partenariat avec l’Unesco, un Guide pratique du journaliste. Destiné aux journalistes qui se rendent dans des zones dangereuses, ce manuel rappelle les normes juridiques internationales protégeant la liberté de la presse et dispense des conseils pratiques pour éviter les pièges du "terrain".

Guide pratique des centres multimédia communautaires

On trouve actuellement dans les régions rurales des pays en voie de développement un nombre croissant de fournisseurs de services de communication et d’information. Cet ouvrage s’adresse donc à tous ceux qui souhaitent s’impliquer ou sont déjà impliqués dans de telles activités.

Guidelines for broadcasters on promoting user-generated content and media and information literacy

For the first time guidelines have been published on how broadcasters around the world can encourage audiences to produce better quality user-generated content and to improve media and information literacy. The new guidelines will also enable the public to become more media and information literate.

Guidelines for broadcasting regulation 2006

Amidst the fast-changing broadcast media landscape, the present book examines many “balancing acts” which stake-holders both in government and private sector have to undertake to establish and maintain an effective and credible broadcast regulation mechanism.

Guidelines for broadcasting regulation

These Guidelines seek to set out the main principles that underlie the regulation of broadcasting and the aspects of broadcasting that can be regulated. The book is aimed at governments and regulators and sets out ‘best practice’ as informed by an international analysis of what currently is done.

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