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UNESCO’s work on climate change is carried out by a large number of staff at UNESCO Headquarters and in the UNESCO Field Offices. Today, all of UNESCO’s Sectors and intergovernmental and international programmes feature important climate change activities. In additional, several UNESCO Institutes and Centres, as well as UNESCO Chairs, are actively engaged in climate change work.

In order to facilitate coordination and cooperation among Field Offices, with and within Headquarters, UNESCO has established an ‘Intersectoral Platform for Action to Address Climate Change’ tasked to oversee the UNESCO Climate Change Initiative and the associated UNESCO Strategy for Action on Climate Change.

Intersectoral Platform on Climate Change

Ms Wendy Watson-Wright
Lead ADG for the Intersectoral Platform on Climate Change
Assistant Director-General and Executive Secretary, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)

Mr Peter Dogsé
Manager of the Intersectoral Platform on Climate Change
Programme Specialist, Division of Ecological and Earth Sciences, MAB Programme


Sector Climate Change Focal Points

Education Sector
Ms Julia Heiss

Natural Sciences Sector
Mr Peter Dogsé

Social and Human Sciences Sector
Mr John Crowley

Culture Sector
Mr Kishore Rao
Communication and Information Sector
Mr Fackson Banda


Field Office Climate Change Focal Points
See the Directors of the respective Field Offices.

UNESCO Institute and Centres Climate Change Focal Points

International Centre for Theoretical Physics ICTP, Trieste (Italy)
Mr Filippo Giorgi


For general information about UNESCO's climate activities, please send an email to the Platform Manager, Mr Peter Dogsé, SC/EES:  p.dogse(at)unesco.org

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