» World Heritage: Benefits Beyond Borders (Available only in English)
11.01.2013 - Natural Sciences Sector

World Heritage: Benefits Beyond Borders (Available only in English)

Cover of the Report: World Heritage - Benefits Beyond Borders

Published on the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, this thematic collection of case studies provides a thorough understanding of World Heritage sites and their Outstanding Universal Value in the context of sustainable development.

The case studies describe twenty-six thematically, typologically and regionally diverse World Heritage sites illustrating their benefits to local communities and ecosystems and sharing the lessons learned with the diverse range of stakeholders involved. The volume emphasises a holistic and integrated view of World Heritage, linking it to the role local communities play in management and protection, and to issues of ecosystem sustainability, and the maintenance of biological, linguistic and cultural diversity. The book contains chapters on small island states and indigenous people.

Cross-disciplinary in its scope, this book will provide a meeting point for researchers, practitioners, community representatives and the wider public and will promote cultural and natural heritage conservation as a key vector of sustainable development and social cohesion.  

A UNESCO Publishing / Cambridge University Press co-publication

The publication of the book was made possible thanks to the financial contribution by the Government of Japan through the Japan Funds-in-Trust.

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