Forums et Comités nationaux des Géoparcs

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A number of countries have created or are currently creating national coordination facilities for the establishment of national Geoparks (Italy, China, Canada etc.). Members of these committees are the national geoparks, the GGN members, and the most important national and governmental bodies which deal with geological heritage, environmental and cultural protection, earth scientists with an interest in geoheritage, as well as tourism experts.

The coordination work is organized at national level and may for example consist in:

  • best coordinate the Geoparks initiatives oat national level;
  • promote the development of new Geoparks;
  • promote new projects for the valorisation of the geological heritage at a national level;
  • provide information and popularize the global and regional Networks of Geoparks through the various communication tools (website, specialized magazines, newsletters, newspapers, etc);
  • create new opportunity of integration between the many national activities direct to the growing of geological heritage’s policy and to the development of geotourism;
  • provide a technical and scientific support to the territories who want to submit to the EGN/GGN;
  • organize an annual workshop in order to exchange best practice and to popularize the various projects and activities of the Geoparks, the geological heritage conservation and the realization of virtuous actions for the sustainable development.  


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