Prof. Carlos Alberto Vargas J.

©Carlos Alberto Vargas

Dr. Carlos Alberto Vargas J. is Professor in the Department of Geosciences of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia at Bogota, where is Director of the Geophysics Research Group, and Director of the Seismological Network of this institution. He is National Correspondent of the IASPEI since 2007, Vice President of the Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, and Counselor of the National Program of Earth Sciences of the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia – COLCIENCIAS. Dr. Vargas’s research focus in seismic tomography and the thermal structure of the lithospheric system in the NW corner of South America. His proposals about internal images lighting volcanic systems by using arrival times of earthquakes and seismic attenuation parameters, as well as tomograms derived from regional events, have supported new ideas about the nowadays-tectonic context of this complex area. Inside his more than 70-refereed scientific papers, he also presents a new understanding of the geometry and recent evolution of the sedimentary basins, their relationship with the geodynamical behavior of this region, and their geophysical exploration.

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