Dr Brigitte Vlaswinkel

©Brigitte Vlaswinkel

Dr Brigitte Vlaswinkel graduated in Physical Geography at Utrecht University (1997) and obtained a NAF-Fulbright Fellowship to start a PhD in Marine Geology and Geophysics at University of Miami, which she was awarded in 2007. In addition to her field research in the Everglades, Florida Bay and the Bahamas focused on coastal ecosystem dynamics, she received during her PhD years a visiting scientist grant to work at St Anthony Falls Laboratory, an interdisciplinary fluids research and educational facility at the University of Minnesota. Here she designed and carried out world’s first bi-directional physical modelling experiments to simulate tidal channel networks and study their evolution. After her PhD studies she worked for ten years at Shell International consecutively as research carbonate geologist, production geologist, exploration geologist, geomodeler and risk analyst. Brigitte’s expertise covers the field of marine geology, coastal morpho- and hydrodynamics, mathematical geology (Markov Chain modelling), subsurface 3D modelling and uncertainty analysis, quantitative (carbonate) sedimentology, remote sensing, tropical marine ecology and Building with Nature concepts.

In 2016 she decided to make a career change and apply her skills to contribute to a cleaner world and a cleaner ocean. She presently works as Head of Research at a young, clean-tech company Oceans of Energy, which specializes in floating renewables and ocean energy. Besides this, Brigitte is the Environmental Impact Lead at The Ocean Cleanup. The Ocean Cleanup is a Dutch, non-profit organisation whose mission is to develop advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic in a large-scale, efficient and environmentally sound way.

Brigitte believes that the IGCP, and in particular the Earth Resources theme, makes an important contribution to support and encourage, globally, a next generation that will have to accelerate the technology and innovations necessary to exploit Earth’s natural resources in a more environmentally responsible and sustainable matter, in order to provide a diverse renewable energy mix for a growing world population.

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