Projet 667 - World Map of the Orogens

Bref résumé du projet

The formation of the continents results of the super-imposition of several orogeny that are difficult to apprehend for geoscientists, not mentioning the non-specialists. More specifically, the location on formal crustal boundaries is crucial for understanding processes leading to ocean formation and those ones reactivating of previous tectonic structures to build mountain ranges. During these processes having a direct effect on atmospheric and water circulation, basins are formed with their oil potential, and then inverted with subduction yielding volcanic arc and ore deposits.

The project covers the whole plate tectonics history of the Earth with increasing details toward Present times. We will design a map encompassing all the successive orogens, with a focused legend on the key element of a “Generic Mountain Range”.

The map will be digital allowing to display mountain ranges over the times independently. It will be built as a useful and simple tool to visualize the evolution of continents and its implications on the distribution of earth resources, seismic hazard, and global change. It will have a strong educational outcome and be designed as a ludic tool useful for students and teachers. It will be light and easy to use even in remote places of the World.

The co-leaders are from France and Malaysia including internation organisations who are member of the The Commission for the Geological Map of the World.

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