Transboundary Aquifers: Managing a Vital Resource

(UNILC Draft articles on the law of transboundary aquifers) [PDF format – 2.17 MB]

With growing pressure on groundwaters and on transboundary aquifers, and given their importance for the planet as a whole, there is a need for a regulatory framework developing cooperation and joint management of this precious resource. The UN General Assembly adopted in December 2008 a Resolution on the law of transboundary aquifers (A/RES/63/124) including the draft articles prepared by the International Law Commission, with the scientific contribution of UNESCO-IHP. This Resolution constitutes a step forward and represents a reference for States, as well as water experts and managers.

Environmental Isotopes in the Hydrological Cycle Principles and Applications

This series of text books is aimed to support education in isotope hydrology and to enhance the availability of educational and reference materials.

Managing Shared Aquifer Resources in Africa [PDF format – 4.5 MB]

The International Workshop on 'Managing Shared Aquifer Resources in Africa', held in Tripoli in June 2002, gave high priority to the conclusion of the inventory of African shared aquifers, including preparation of policy guidelines for sustainable development of shared aquifers, and timely involvement and action for the implementation of an African ISARM programme, drawing on the support of existing and new partners. This publication presents a summary of the main conclusions and a set of recommendations.

Modelling erosion, sediment transport and sediment yield [PDF format - 3.64 MB]

This publication assemble a collection of papers dealing with recent work on the field of modelling erosion, sediment transport and sediment yield in order to demonstrate the state-of-the-art in this important area.

Southern Africa FRIEND Phase II 2000-2003 [PDF format - 2.2 MB]

The Southern Africa FRIEND project provides a basis for hydrologists from within the region to participate actively in the IHP and a framework for a wide range of research. It has an important and continuing role in helping to improve the ability of national hydrological agencies in Southern Africa to manage their water resources in a more sustainable and effective way, which will in turn help to alleviate poverty. This document describes the Phase II activities from 2000 to 2003.

Guidelines on non-structural measures in urban flood management [PDF format - 1.18 MB]

The purpose of the Guidelines is to offer a set of complementary approaches to already well-known engineering, structural measures, rather than to propose ready-made solutions. This document takes into account the physical damages and the consequences of pollution caused by urban flooding.

International Sediment Initiative (ISI) brochure [PDF format - 587 KB]

ISI seeks to sustainably manage soil, sediment and water resources to improve the socioeconomic and ecological impacts of erosion and sedimentation. It also aims to provide better advice for policy development and implementation.

International Flood Initiative (IFI) brochure [PDF format - 1.22 MB]

The vision of IFI is to create well-informed and adequately prepared communities towards a flood-proofed society living consciously and harmoniously with floods.

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