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A number of experts from around the world investigated the water conflicts and cooperation field. They analyzed historical experiences, and reviewed existing legal, diplomatic and systems analysis tools, particularly with regard to their utility in resolving water-related conflicts.

Overview of PCCP publications

  • William J. Cosgrove, Water security and peace - A synthesis of studies prepared under the PCCP-Water for Peace process, (compiled by), UNESCO-IHP, 108 p.
    PDF Document (2.8 MB)
  • A Summary of PCCP Publications 2001-2003, UNESCO-IHP, 34 p.
    PDF Document (754 KB)

History and Future of Water Resources

  • Fekri A. Hassan, Martin Reuss, Julie Trottier, Christoph Bernhardt, Aaron T. Wolf, Jennifer Mohamed-Katerere and Pieter van der Zaag, History and Future of Shared Water Resources, UNESCO-IHP, 150 p.
    PDF Document (3.2 MB)

International Water Law

  • Stefano Burchi and Kerstin Mechlem, Groundwater in international law Compilation of treaties and other legal instrument, UNESCO-FAO, 2005, 558 p.
    PDF Document (504 KB)
  • Stefano Burchi and Melvin Spreij, Institutions for International Freshwater Management, UNESCO-IHP, 51 p.
    PDF Document (823 KB)
  • Frederick Lorenz, The Protection of Water Facilities under International Law, UNESCO-IHP, 46 p.
    PDF Document (1.2 MB)
  • Sergei Vinogradov, Patricia Wouters and Patricia Jones, Transforming Potential Conflict into Cooperation Potential: The Role of International Water Law, UNESCO-IHP, 106 p.
    PDF Document (1.6 MB)

Systems Analysis

  • K.D.W. Nandalal and Slobodan P. Simonovic, State-of-the-Art Report on Systems Analysis Methods for Resolution of Conflicts in Water Resources Management, UNESCO-IHP, 127 p.
    PDF Document (3.1 MB)
  • Ali M. Vali, Sree N. Sreenath and Gundo Susiarjo, An Educational Tool to Examine the Development Constraints in the Limpopo River Basin, UNESCO-IHP, 50 p.
    PDF Document (1.4 MB)

Negotiation, Mediation and Facilitation

  • Philippe Barret, Alfonso Gonzalez avec les contributions de Yannick Barret et Céline Olivier, Société civile et résolution des conflits hydriques, UNESCO-IHP, 78 p.
    PDF Document, in French (3.3 MB)
  • Branko Bosnjakovic, Negotiation in the Context of International Water-Related Agreements, UNESCO-IHP, 50 p.
    PDF Document (1.2 MB)
  • Yona Shamir, Alternative Dispute Resolution Approaches and their Application, UNESCO-IHP, 43 p.
    PDF Document (996 KB)

Indicators of Water Conflicts

  • Pal Tamas, Water Resource Scarcity and Conflict: Review of Applicable Indicators and Systems of Reference, UNESCO-IHP, 29 p.
    PDF Document (807 KB)
  • Aaron T. Wolf, Shira B. Yoffe and Mark Giordano, International Waters: Indicators for Identifying Basins at Risk, UNESCO-IHP, 30 p.
    PDF Document (1.2 MB)
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