Knowledges of Nature 4

Echoes at Fishermen’s Rock – Traditional Tokelau Fishing
Edited and translated by Antony Hooper and Iuta Tinielu, 2010

This straightforward manual is a collection of the traditional techniques for the capture of crabs, bird and especially fish of the lagoon, the reef and the open ocean of Tokelau. As such, it introduces the various species and thus the rich biodiversity of the small Pacific island country.

Collection Savoirs sur la nature 3

Savoirs du Peuple Mayangna sur la coexistence de l'homme avec la nature : poissons et tortues 
[Conocimientos del Pueblo Mayangna sobre la Convivencia del Hombre y la Naturaleza: Peces y Tortugas]
Par Paule M Gros et Nacilio Miguel Frithz, 2010 [disponible en espagnol et en mayangna]
La forêt pluviale tropicale d’Amérique centrale qui longe la frontière entre le Nicaragua et le Honduras abrite aussi les peuples mayangna et miskito depuis des siècles. Leurs savoirs sur la flore et la faune locales sont à la fois vastes et approfondis. Ce livre de 450 pages - réparti en deux volumes - révèle dans les moindres détails l’étendue et la profondeur des savoirs autochtones autour du monde aquatique avec un large éventail d’informations sur les 30 poissons et les six tortues qui occupent les eaux mayangnas.

Collection Savoirs sur la nature 2

Water and Indigenous Peoples
Edited by R. Boelens, M. Chiba and D. Nakashima, UNESCO: Paris, 177 pp, 2006. 
Based on the papers delivered on the Second and Third World Water Forums (The Hague, 2000, and Kyoto, 2003), this book brings to the fore some of the most incisive indigenous critics of international debates on water access, use and management, as well as indigenous expressions of generosity that share community knowledge and insight in order to propose remedies for the global water crisis. 

Collection Savoirs sur la nature 1

Reef and Rainforest: An Environmental Encyclopedia of Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands
[Kiladi oro vivineidi ria tingitonga pa idere oro pa goana pa Marovo]
By Edvard Hviding, UNESCO: Paris, 252 pp, 2005. [available in English and Marovo]
Reef and Rainforest proposes a voyage of discovery into the lives of the Marovo people. This encyclopedia, based entirely upon local knowledge of the environment, compiles the names and associated stories for some 350 fishes, 450 plants, 100 shells, 80 birds, 80 distinct topographical features of coral reef, sea and coast - and more. Written first and foremost for the use of the Marovo people, many wise elders of the villages and other local experts on reef and rainforest have provided, checked, verified and expanded the names and stories contained in this book.

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