Marovo People and Knowledge of Nature

Reef and Rainforest: An Environmental Encyclopedia of Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands

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Article from : Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation

The Environmental Encyclopedia of Marovo, Western Province which was launched in Honiara this week is the first volume of a new publication series entitled Knowledges of Nature.

The Head of the UNESCO's project 'Local Indigenous Knowledge Systems', LINKS, Douglas Nakashima, in the foreword to the book says the author, Professor Edvard Hviding of the University of Bergen proposes a voyage of discovery.

Mr Nakashima says it is a voyage that lays out the vastness of the environmental complexity of the Marovo people as evidenced by the more than one-thousand-200 names they possess for plants and animals.

He says it also show the insights of the daily preoccupations of the Marovo people including the managing and use of their natural resources.

Mr Nakashima says he hopes the book brings indigenous language, knowledge and world view into the formal education system in both Marovo and elsewhere in Solomon Islands.

He says it is the first step to enhance the confidence and pride of youth in indigenous knowledge and ways, to reinforce ties between elders and youth, and expand the community's active involvement in local schools.


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