Promotion des industries et des atouts culturels

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Recent years have seen increasing interest in the use of cultural assets for raising living standards at the same time as preserving cultural heritage and cultural diversity and promoting creativity and entrepreneurship. These include optimizing the development of cultural enterprises as agents of economic growth and national development, in such fields as handicrafts, design, music, print and multimedia publishing, film and television production and heritage tourism.

The principal focus for UNESCO work in this domain is the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity, which unites partners from public, private and non-governmental sectors and serves as a catalyst of action in support of local cultural industries and intellectual property rights enforcement in developing countries and countries in transition. The Global Alliance bears due attention to SIDS specificities and strengthens the capacity of their cultural industries -- encouraging their positive impact on the growth of local economies while creating opportunities to distribute products regionally and gain access to markets overseas. Several pilot projects have been launched recently along these lines in small island nations.

'Creating opportunities for Cuban musicians' is the focus of one ongoing project of the Global Alliance together with the Instituto Superior de las Artes (ISA) de la Universidad de Cuba and the UNESCO Office in Havana. The aim is to train musicians in the fundamental principles of copyright and neighbouring rights, as well as in contractual practices applied both nationally and internationally in the field of music.

Also in the Caribbean, the Global Alliance is currently supporting the development of a national strategy for the music industry in Jamaica. The aim here is to build a more professional industry whose needs are better understood by the government, benefiting not only the creative actors engaged in it, but the Jamaican economy as a whole.

In cooperation with International Labour Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), poverty-reduction projects are being carried out in such countries as Fiji, Haiti and Trinidad & Tobago.

One of the Global Alliance partners is the Secretariat of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific region (ACP) States, which co-ordinates the co-operation between the European Union and the group of 79 ACP Member States, a group which includes many Small Island Developing States.

Further information on recent and future activities within the Global Alliance is given in an electronic newsletter.

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