Stratégie de Maurice pour la poursuite de la mise en œuvre du programme d'action pour le développement durable des PEID

[Disponible en anglais uniquement]

The 30-page Mauritius Strategy for the Further Implementation of the Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of SIDS is one of two negotiated outcomes, which was adopted by delegates at the conclusion of the Mauritius International Meeting (MIM). The introductory paragraphs describe the overarching issues that concern the implementation of the PoA for the sustainable development of SIDS. They also address, inter alia, South-South and SIDS-SIDS cooperation, culture, the role of youth, and gender equality.

The Strategy document then elaborates on a wide range of actions under 20 broad headings:

  • Climate change and sea-level rise paras 16-20); 
  • Natural and environmental disasters (para 21);
  • Management of wastes (paras 22-25);
  • Coastal and marine resources (paras 26-32);
  • Freshwater resources (paras 33-37);
  • Land resources (paras 38-45);
  • Energy resources (paras 46-49);
  • Tourism resources (paras 50-52);
  • Biodiversity resources (paras 53-54);
  • Transport and communication, including the development of ICTs and community multimedia centres (paras 55-59);
  • Science and technology (paras 60-63);
  • Graduation from least developed country status (paras 64-65);
  • Trade: globalization and trade liberalization (paras 66-69);
  • Sustainable capacity development and education for sustainable development (paras 70-72);
  • Sustainable production and consumption (para 73);
  • National and regional enabling environments, including involving youth in visioning sustainable island living (para 74);
  • Health, including support to address HIV/AIDS (paras 75-78);
  • Knowledge management and information for decision-making (paras 79-81);
  • Culture, including recognition of the importance of cultural identity in advancing sustainable development, the need to develop cultural industries and initiatives, the development and implementation of national cultural policies and legislative frameworks, and measures to protect cultural heritage (para 82);
  • Implementation (paras 83-104).
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