Programme des Chaires UNITWIN/UNESCO

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At the higher education level , the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme serves as a prime means of capacity-building through the transfer of knowledge and sharing in a spirit of solidarity with and between developing countries. Since the programme was launched in 1992, some 590 UNESCO Chairs and inter-university networks have been established at over 600 institutions in more than 120 countries. These chairs and network address all major fields of knowledge within UNESCO's competence, as reflected in a sampling of the titles of existing chairs established so far in individual SIDS: environment and sustainable development (Bahrain), educational technologies (Barbados), biomaterials (Cuba), peace, human rights and democracy (Dominican Republic), teacher education and culture (Fiji), higher education (Mauritius) and freedom of expression (Papua New Guinea).

Further information on how to become involved with the UNITWIN Programme is given in a 13-page document released in February 2006 on Guidelines and Procedures for the UNESCO UNITWIN Programme.

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