Planète Science par région: Etats arabes

  • A Garden in the Desert (2013, AR, EN), on a survey of Qatar which found that vegetation was recovering in parts of Qatar, even if desert rangelands and coastal areas remain in poor condition
  • Networking on the Nile (2013, AR, EN), on the work of an informal network of scientists from the Nile Basin, guided by the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education
  • Science is a Universal Language (2012, EN, ES), interview of a woman researcher and inventor from Saudi Arabia who is blending enterpreneurship with philanthropy to harness biotechnology to social progress
  • Striving for a Better Tomorrow in Mujib (2012, EN, ES, FR), on the new Mujib Biosphere Reserve in Jordan
  • ‘We were Set for Some Dramatic Events’ (2011, EN, ES, FR, RU), interview on the implications of the Arab Spring for science in the region
  • Mini-laboratories for the Middle-East (2007, EN, ES, RU), on how UNESCO’s global microscience experiments project is fostering experimentation in schools in the Middle East
  • The Very Real Success of the Avicenna Virtual Campus (2006, EN, ES, FR, RU), on a UNESCO programme which is networking universities around an e-learning platform to promote the sharing of teaching resources around the Mediterranean Basin and broaden access to higher education in a region with growing student rolls
  • Using the Sun to Quench their Thirst (2006, EN, ES, FR, RU), on a project in Omayed Biosphere Reserve in Egypt to desalinate groundwater at the population’s request
  • The Miracle of Light (2005, EN, FR), tracing the history of optics through the eyes of Ibn Hathim, who founded the discipline 1000 years ago, and other Muslim scientists whose work greatly influenced European science
  • Policies for Redressing Iraq (2004, EN, FR), interview on the government’s priorities for redressing research and development in the new Iraq
  • The Pastoralists of Wadi Allaqi (2003, EN, FR), on the techniques pastoralists have developed in Wadi Allaqi Biosphere Reserve in Egypt to survive in a region where it only rains every few years; introduces the research done by the UNESCO-Cousteau Ecotechnie Chair within the biosphere reserve


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