Planète Science par thème : Èthique des sciences et technologies

  • 60 years of the double helix (2013, EN), on the discovery of the structure of DNA in 1953 and how it ushered in a revolution in medicine, agriculture, forensics, insurance and even archaeology and palaeontology
  • Genetic Pollution is Permanent (2013, EN), interview on the ethical implications of synthetic biology for the environment and human health
  • All for One and One for All: Genetic Solidarity in the Making (2012, EN, ES, FR), on UNESCO’s support for the Human Variome Project, the successor to the Human Genome Project
  • Why Scientists are Taking a Stand against Ocean Fertilization with Urea (2008, AR, EN, ES, FR, RU), interview explaining why 57 scientists from 18 countries oppose this geoengineering technique
  • Far from the Nanohype (2007, EN, ES, FR), on maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risks of nanoscience and nanotechnology
  • Watchdogs of the Public Interest (2007, EN, ES, FR, RU), on the key role science journalists play in defending the public interest by informing the public


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