Le défi Fly Your Ideas

© AIRBUS S.A.S. 2012 – photo by e*m company / P. Masclet
Lidia Brito, Charles Champion

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UNESCO is supporting the Airbus Fly Your Ideas challenge, a student contest designed to inspire a new generation of engineers.

UNESCO’s in-depth report about future engineering capacity highlights an engineering skills gap that threatens industry and growth. Aviation is no exception. There are not enough aviation engineers currently graduating to meet industry needs and nearly half of them switch to other careers once they qualify.

Airbus Fly Your Ideas challenges students across the globe to develop new ideas for the eco-efficient aviation industry of the future. This year’s challenge, organized under the patronage of UNESCO, focused on innovation and inspired over 6,000 students from 82 countries to register with 618 teams submitting a proposal.

2013 Finalists

Five excellent proposals –and teams– have made it to the final. As they prepare to present their work in two weeks for the last round, five more teams are battling it out online in the competition for best Fly Your Ideas video of 2013, and you get to decide. Visit the Video Competition page to watch the teaser and the five videos - and vote for your favorite. You have until noon on 3 June!

2013 Finalists

Five excellent proposals –and teams– have made it to the final. The winners will be announced at an exclusive ceremony at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris on 14 June 2013.

Fly Your Ideas 2013

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