Alsou Abramova

Alsou Abramova, born on June 27th 1983 in Bugulma, a small town in Tatarstan, is one of the most popular singers in Russia. At the age of 5, already drawn to the piano, Alsou was admitted into a music school. By age 10, having moved first to Moscow, then later to New York to go to school, she started to sing, inspired by her idols Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. At 15, Alsou started to perform in public. She was introduced to a music manager, who led her to record and release her first Russian album, titled “Alsou”

In 2000, after the huge success of her album, she signed a worldwide seven-album contract with Universal Music and entered the Eurovision Song Contest, finishing in second place. International successes followed, including duets with Enrique Iglesias, Bon Jovi and rapper Nelly. In 2001, Alsou received an MTV Europe Music Award for “Best Russian Singer” and a World Music Award in Monaco for “Best Selling Russian Artist of the Year”. In 2009, the Eurovison adventure continued - Alsou was invited to host the ceremony in Moscow. Alsou is also very involved in charity projects and started the “Rainbow” foundation with her father, Senator Ralif Safin, to help restore schools and hospitals, build churches and mosques, and aid the most destitute people all over the world.

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