Célébration de la Journée mondiale de la science au service de la paix et du développement 2012

Chaque année, de nombreux partenaires fêtent la Journée mondiale de la science avec l'UNESCO à travers le monde. Cette liste d'événements n'est pas exhaustive. Nous vous invitons à fêter cette journée avec nous et à partager des informations sur les activités que vous organisez dans ce cadre.

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Science for Sustainability Exhibit

9 November, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France

On the occasion of the World Science Day for Peace and Development, a series of educational charts from the Deyrolle pour l’Avenir collection will be shown at UNESCO. These charts demonstrate how science can help society find a path towards sustainability.

La science comme porte-parole de la paix et du développement a permis aux enfants du Jardin des petits et du club des enfants de l'UNESCO de vivre en images et en échanges la volonté des adultes à servir la société au sein de laquelle ils vivront demain.

Citizen Science Meetups Everywhere

The Citizen Science Meetups initiative is launched this year, with a rallying call to organise local gatherings on the 10th of November for World Science Day. This initiative is the first activity in the launch of the Citizen Cyberlab project, which is a partnership between the Citizen Cyberscience Centre, CERN, UNITAR/UNOSAT, the University of Geneva, Unviersite of Paris Descartes, University College London, Imperial College London, and the Mobile Collective.

Beyond helping scientists execute laborious tasks, Citizen Cyberscience projects enable citizens to learn about science and take part in the more creative aspects of research. Little is known about the learning and creativity processes stimulated by such projects, even though millions of volunteers participate. Even less is known about how to optimize those processes. Citizen Cyberlab will pioneer open source platforms and tools that enable and enhance learning and creativity in Citizen Cyberscience, using four pilot projects as testbeds, including a particle physics game by CERN, and collaborative disaster mapping by the UN Institute for Training and Research.


Women in Science and Nontraditional roles
9 November

Within Albania’s centennial celebrations, the UNESCO World Science Day will place the spotlight on the important contributions Albanian women make to science. UNESCO is organizing a Conference 'Albanian Women in Science and non-traditional settings' in the framework of the Albania-United Nations Programme of Cooperation 2012-2016. Important Albanian women scientists and international guests will share their professional and educational experiences and answer questions from the public.


Celebration of World Science Day for Peace and Development
6 and 8 November, Quito

This two day event will include keynotes and discussions on traditional knowledge, bioethics from an interdisciplinary perspective, and scientific research as a tool for regional integration, among others. It is organized by the UNESCO Office in Quito, the Secretaría Nacional de Educación Superior, Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación and the Centro de Investigación para la Enseñanza Especializada.

Activities for students at the Ecuadorian Museum of Natural Sciences
12-13 November, Quito

The UNESCO office in Quito, the Museo Ecuatoriano de Ciencias Naturales and the Centro de Investigación para la Enseñanza Especializada CIENESPE invite schools to participate in fun scientific activities at the museum to celebrate World Science Day.


Celebration of World Science Day for Peace and Development

10 November, Chennai

This event will count with the active participation of students and faculty alike, and include a panel discussion on the role of science for peace as well as keynotes on science, engaging society, and development. The event is organised by the Madras Science Foundation and the indian Institute of Technology Madras.

State Level Science Drama Competition at Gujarat Science City   
10-11 November, Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad

Scientific drama is an age old cultural form of entertainment, recreation and social interaction. It is quite effective in creating Science and Technology awareness, helps to foster creativity and integrate the study of science with reading, writing, music, art and the performing arts. This competition was organized by the Gujarat Council on Science & Technology (GUJCOST) to communicate science by tapping creative young minds to convey the wonders of this subject through the medium of theatre.

23 teams from across the state were selected to present theme based dramas on Science and Society issues pertinent to everyday life such as the importance of science and technology, energy crisis, Health and hygiene, life and work of scientist to name a few. About 220 students from class VII to X along with their teachers and coordinators are going to enact in the drama in front of panel of experts for maximum duration of 30 minutes. The programme is open to all other students and visitors to Science City. The best team will win a prize and represent Gujarat at at Zone Level Science Drama Festival in December.

Shri Manas Ranjan Mahapatra, Editor, National Center for Children Literature of National Book Trust will inaugurate the programme. Eminent dramatist and Gujarati film actor Shri Arun Rajguru, Producer, Children Programmme at Doordarshan Kendra, Ahmedabad will be the Guest of Honour. Shri Dilip S. Gadhavi, Executive Director, Gujarat Science City will preside over the meeting.

Celebration of World Science Day for Peace and Development
10 November, G.M.C.Balayogi Science Museum, Ameena Pet, Eluru, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

The staff and visitors celebrated the day at the museum with posters and thematic discussions.


Celebration of World Science Day for Peace and Development10-16 November, Tehran

The week-long celebration includes several events, including workshops and open door events at universities and research centres.

Biodiversity for kids workshop
10 November, Parand New Town public Library, Tehran

In celebration of the World Science Day for Peace and Development and of the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity (2011-2020), the Hormod Sustainable Development Institute organized a workshop for children on biodiversity.


10 November

Celebration of World Science Day for Peace and Development, Citta’della Scienza, Naples


9 November, Kathmandu
This seminar is organized at the Russian Science and Cultural Center by Mitrakunj.

Science Awareness Rally
10 November, Kathmandu
Everyone is invited to participate in this rally, which counts with the participation of scientists, teachers, students and policy makers. The rally will start at 8 am in  Ganashman Park Ratnapark.
The rally is organized by the Nepal Science Olympiad, CSIT Association of Nepal and Mitrakunj, among others.


Aguadiosa Festival for Biodiversity
10-11 November, Mexico D.F.

The 2-day music festival includes workshops and stands. It is organised by CONABIO, National Commission on Biodiversity of Mexico, with other partners.


The National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS) has compiled a report on Science for global sustainability: interconnectedness, collaboration, transformation with contributions from professors, lecturers, young researchers and some eminent experts in the field. The report and the poster will be distributed to students and sent to the 3000 NAYS members on 10 November.

Four events took place ahead of the day:

Discussion on science and science-related benefits
22 October, Govt. Primary School Rahwali, District Gujranwala

Celebration of world science day with students
25 October, Lalamusa high school, Gujrat

Lecture on science and society
2 November, DPS & ISC Girls Campus, Bhakkar, Punjab, and
3 November, Govt. Degree College for Women, Bhakkar, Punjab
These lecture focused on the association of science and societies and the contribution of science and scientific education to the sustainable development of all nations. A short lecture was also delivered to college students on Subject Selection and Career Counseling on their request.


The Portuguese Commission for UNESCO has mobilized several schools, Geoparks, Biosphere Reserves, private sector, Academic and Scientific Societies among other partners, to celebrate the Day and explain the objectives and theme.


Open seminar issues facing young scientists and international cooperation in science
15 November, Lviv Polytechnic National University

This seminar is organized by the Young Scientists' Council of Lviv Polytechnic National Universityin celebration of the World Science Day and the National Students Day.

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