Reinforcing Transmission of Mayangna Knowledge and Language in the BOSAWAS Biosphere Reserve 
Managua, Nicaragua, 24-28 January 2012
The LINKS programme, with support from the Royal Embassy of Norway to Nicaragua, launched the classroom pilot of a set of classroom materials which will incorporate the contents of the UNESCO book, “Mayangna Knowledge of the Interdependence of People and Nature: Fish and Turtles” into the curriculum of Mayangna schools...

Safeguarding the Transmission of Local & Indigenous Knowledge of Nature
Experts meeting on the occasion of the EXPO 2005 Aichi
Aichi Prefectural University, Nagoya, Japan 14-15 April 2005
In an increasingly global world, the homogenisation of social and ecological systems is a growing concern. With 90% of world languages expected to disappear this century and biodiversity loss estimated at 100 times greater than natural rates, urgent measures are required to maintain the world's cultures and environments...

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