Building Capacity to Safeguard Cultural Heritage in Myanmar

© UNESCO/M. Unakul

UNESCO works together with the Ministry of Information and Culture of Myanmar to launch the project “Capacity Building to Safeguard Cultural Heritage in Myanmar”.

Funded by a contribution from the Government of Italy, the project allows UNESCO to mobilize international expertise to assist Myanmar in safeguarding important heritage sites in the country. Myanmar ratified the World Heritage Convention in April 1994, but has not inscribed any sites on the World Heritage List to date.

Beneficiary sites include the ancient Pyu settlements dating back almost two millennia and Bagan, one of the world’s most historically and artistically significant ensembles of religious monuments.

The project aims to support Myanmar in three priority areas: conserving and managing heritage sites, establishing cultural heritage information management systems using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and assisting the government to develop nominations for submission to the World Heritage List.

With the close collaboration of Myanmar Ministry of Culture’s Department of Archaeology, National Museum and Library, the project is implemented in 2012-2013.

News on progress and results:

- Director-General Visits the Buddhist Monuments of Bagan

Pyu Ancient Cities Tentative List Site, Pyay, Myanmar

- Myanmar launches process to nominate Pyu Ancient Cities to the World Heritage List

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