Promoting the Convention in international forums

Under Article 21 of the Convention (International consultation and coordination), Parties undertake to promote the objectives and principles of the Convention in other international forums. Thus, Parties consult each other on this matter as appropriate, enabling them to assert the objectives of the Convention in existing or new international agreements.

The Conference of Parties, at its third session in 2011, decided to carry out an inventory of experiences and practices related to this promotion, requesting that the Secretariat compile an annual compendium of cases wherein the Convention is invoked or utilized in other international forums.

To this end, two consultations were carried out in 2011 and 2012, to which 38 Parties participated. These consultations notably lead to the following observations:

  • There is a very broad understanding of the definition of an international forum, sometimes comprising fora that are not solely dedicated to cultural matters;
  • Parties invoke the Convention in different contexts and manners, such as by participating in meetings and conferences, within the framework of cultural or trade agreements.

Related documents and events
These consultations also helped to identify documents and events that make specific reference to the objectives and principles of the Convention. The information collected is now available for consultation and will lead the way for the creation of a database on the promotion of the Convention in international fora.

Consolidating the inventory 
Parties are consequently invited and encouraged to share experiences and practices, by submitting relevant documents and information on events to the Secretariat. Other stakeholders (international organisations, civil society ...) are equally invited to participate in this information collection effort.

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